Go Deep This Season

Hello Beauties!

Welcome to another edition of Magickal Grace. Wow. These Retrogrades!!! What a gigantic clearing of our past that is coming up, perhaps uncomfortably. Things might feel messy or uncertain. But remember, you have to reveal it to heal it! We have 4 Planets Retrograde and another coming along (Mercury) in June. I might have to run away into a cave... just kidding! I will NOT abandon ship, because the Universe is not torturing us. It is trying to get us see some uncomfortable things that need to change for our optimal happiness and health.

I created this little guide to point to our childhoods where issues might be rooted. Problems with Boundaries? Addiction issues or Control? Money concern? Loneliness?

All these things have a wonderful opportunity to be healed, perhaps forever! When we identify these core issues, we are able to reify that past and move into a beautiful new future.

How we react will never be "perfect". But the encouragement will always be, to take time, and to get down to causes and conditions.

If you listen to everything that comes up inside of you, please listen with compassion and mercy. When we hear the pain, we can heal it. And we can vow to have new boundaries that protect us from the harms of our past.

We are evolving!

And we are going to get through this together!!! Blessings to you all, Grace

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