Gemini Season: The REAL Calling


Good Morning Magickal Beauties,

And WELCOME to Gemini Season, one of the fastest signs in the Zodiac!

Let's talk about what Gemini has to offer:

Gemini is associated with all aspects of communication: speaking, talking, writing and also thinking.

The high Mercury rulership in Gemini makes their minds lightening fast! They one wish of Gemini is that there

was 10 of them to complete all the desires of their minds!

*emphasis on minds*

Gemini is fast-talking, fast-moving, fast-thinking, and restlessly fidgety!

If you are a Fire or Air Sign, I warn you!

This energy may stir you up and make it difficult to be patient!

But it can also produce QUICK results!

But there is more to the story here.

In esotericism, Gemini is REALLY not about the mind.

All the symptoms of Gemini are really an expression of an internal need for connection.

Gemini is acutely aware- very conscious, and therefore wants to connect with everything and everyone.

It wants to have every experience possible because Geminis are the ONLY zodiac sign connected to all other 11 Signs. Because Gemini is connected to everything and everyone, it is the connective tissue of the Universe.

It sees how we all fit- like puzzle pieces, and wants to bring union to all things

(hence the twin baby symbolism).

The Key to Mastering Gemini Season is understanding it's higher ruling planet: Venus.

Gemini's can sometimes be as ambitious as Capricorns! They are "do'ers" but struggle to make the

mind-heart connection that is absolutely key.

That is the calling for us this season. To build that bridge between Mercury (Mind) and Venus (Heart).

Both these planets are retrograde, which means, that a NEW CONNECTION will be made!

Founded on more authentic and more important values.

We have to scrape away our old limiting thoughts (Mercury)

and do away with limiting values/beliefs (Venus) to have the most Optimal & Magickal Life we DESERVE!



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