Full Moon is coming this Wednesday- Thursday

September 2nd (3rd for some)

Western Astrology : Pisces

Vedic/ Esoteric : Aquarius

As you know, I follow the Vedic/ Esoteric, so will focus on this aspect for the Full Moon.

Not only will the Full Moon be in the sign of Aquarius, but it will be passing over

Neptune Retrograde, bringing those issues to light. Remember, Neptune Retrograde

takes away the "rose colored glasses" over our lives and gives us a sober (sometimes

bleak) look at our realities.

This can be, however, a good time to dig into issues around addiction, emotions/mental, etc. We are afforded the opportunity to see things how they really are.

Neptune in Aquarius desires independence and freedom, above all else.

When it goes retrograde, it shows us what is inhibiting our sense of freedom to go off

and pursue all our hearts desires. Being in an Air sign, it is likely out thinking and mental faculties that we must take a second look at. There may be a block or a fragmented part

of ourselves that is causing internal and therefore external turmoil.

Seeing as how Neptune is the Higher Vibration of Venus, radical self-love and compassion are necessary here. This Full Moon, find the area in which you need to meet your own needs and do not judge yourself for having them. Try to find out what you REALLY need in order to move forward.

Remember that the Full Moon contains the strongest energy of the month.

This is a time to realize, freedom and independence means trusting ourselves and our timing.

Set the intention for whatever desire you have (goal), light a white candle for it, and know that the Universe

is opening doors where there were none before. Do not demand results of yourself or of Spirit.

What needs to be manifested is below the surface and it needs love to be opened.

So please be gentle with yourself and take time to access this hidden need you have.



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