FULL MOON in Ophiuchus


Hi Beauties!  I am so grateful for this platform to let you know that Sunday night- Monday Morning is a FULL MOON in Ophiuchus. 

Ophiuchus, according to Sidereal astrology (astrology that uses the real size and location of the constellations in the sky) is a zodiac sign between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Ophiuchus is the only zodiac sign that depicts a real man.  Ophiuchus is a seeker of wisdom, knowledge and healing. They have a flamboyant fashion, favoring bright and bold colors. Ophiuchus persons are extremely curious, open to change, passionate yet very jealous too. The personality traits include a rash temper, wit/humor, secretive, egotistical, hunger for knowledge and sexual prowess. 

Other Traits: 

- Dream interpretation, psychic abilities & alchemy 

- Great family life (stable and encouraging)

- Very LUCKY and abundant 

-Well respected 

- Embraces change

- Happy and humorous

- Highly intuitive, intelligent and honest

- Powerfully passionate; uses heart over head 

Now all of these traits are essential to comprehend and utilize this Full Moon. This week is incredibly healing and transformative. It contains all the characteristics between Scorpio & Sag, and allows us to transform and jump into our BEST LIVES. 


Make sure Sunday night, going into Monday, to set your intention to transform and deeply heal. 

Accept the information, wisdom and insights that are coming through your intuition. This is a new journey, a simpler journey, that will produce an authentic and successful life. Ask Ophiuchus for help with your transition, or get a reading! This would be an ideal time to receive psychic insight. 

Candle Color: Black (with accents of blue/.purple) Herbs: Clary Sage*, Frankincense, Peppermint 


I was SO EXCITED to see so many receive new job opportunities last week. EEK! Or direction for their career, money or routine. So let's keep on with these horoscopes: 

If last week was career, this week is about partnership. Before we get into that, I highly recommend you first being romantic, loving, compassionate and kind to YOURSELF. This past week had a lot of male energy we want to carry over, but also embrace ourselves as valuable, worthy and honorable entities of the world. You are a DIAMOND! Act like it. Treat yourself like it. Be the person you always wanted and needed. Be your best lover to YOURSELF! 

The new day begins after the full moon and it's such a wonderful time to heal and be transformed. If your intention is love, set it this Full Moon on Monday! If it's business savvy, set it this week as well. Mark my words... how you treat and value yourself, so will others. So make it GRAND. 

With Love, 


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