Feeling Stuck? Break Through is Coming!!!

I see many stuck or in a "blind spot" at the moment.

This, astrologically, makes perfect sense!

We are coming out of the dark phase of the Moon,; she is JUST beginning her shine.

(And looks really beautiful, if you have a chance to look up)

Her beauty is magnetized by the Darkness.

Not even the Black Void can consume her. She is strong, and so are you.

As she grows, in Aquarius Season, she brings our emotions and spirituality back to life.

She allows us to feel connected, once again, which is EXACTLY what we have been missing!

This disconnection, to each other and our "tribe", is confirmed by our lack of strong spiritual position.

We feel alone, abandoned and stuck. This is normal.

Aquarius, this season, rules over Community.

Where do you belong? Who do you matter to?

This is the root of these feelings.

With Saturn's strong energy this year, our NEW lives are being formed.

We are chopping out the fat, leaving space for what defies the test of time.

Think about it... have you not stumbled upon some groups, foundations or understandings that persist over time?

What does that say? It says, Aquarius!

And more are coming.

Remember, the Moon is barely growing. The energy is just building up. It is darkest before the Dawn!

So don't give up, but also, do not believe that you are thrown to the waste side.

You DO have some things working for you. Some things that are affirming your path.

And more... MUCH MORE... is coming!!!

We are all apart of the Spirit realm, and can not be separated from each other.

So that Love, that job or that break through... it's a person away.

And EMPHASIS right now, Aquarius, on community support.

Sure you can figure it out alone... but why? We are all connected, we can do this together!

Reach out. Stay Connected (to spirit, family and friends).

And do not resist the desire for community. We all need it. It's our Truest Selves :)



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