DON'T Play it SAFE!

Well, Mercury is now direct... but we are STILL dragging!

We are still in Aquarius Season through the 15th of March (through majority of Pisces Season),

which is so unbelievable and I want to explain why:

We talked about the high energy of Capricorn (Saturn) in 2020 in traditional astrology.

This is all about structure, discipline, etc.

But in Sidereal-Esoteric astrology, we actually see something different.

We see a high amount of Sagittarius energy (Jupiter) prevalent in 2020.

So what's the difference?

And which is more accurate?

In my experience, both positions are valid. However, Sidereal's approach seems to cut deeper

and get down to the core of the problem.

The problem is, we get STUCK in life by what we think is our best.

Our best job...

Our best love...

Our best home, friends, etc.

And this is the year in which our Guides want to push beyond these limitations.

Could you, in these areas, be holding yourself back?

Could you be accepting less than what you deserve?

Are you playing it safe???

We all are, to some degree. Which is why in 2020 the energy is ruled by Jupiter AND Earth.

The lower ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter... the Higher is Earth.

What does this mean?

This means, you can not have a plan without exploring your options.

And you can not have success without a plan.

You CAN have better; but you have to see what's out there (Jupiter)!!!

You CAN have whats out there, but you have to be grounded (Earth).

Right now, Sagittarius is in the 4th house of Home, Family, Daddy, etc.

This is means.... how you see yourself! Expanding your Vision of Who and What you are!!!

Loads of change and change can be scary. But not when it's an UPGRADE.

Not when you've been pecking with the chickens, and are ready to soar with the Angels!!!

You are worth it. You are More than you think you are.

Let go of the bondage and the limitations, and watch the dreams you never dared to dream,

Come True.



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