Daily Horoscope: Be BEAUTIFUL


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Sun 9°00' Scorpio

Moon 8°06' Capricorn

Mercury 27°33' Я Scorpio

Venus 29°51' Scorpio

Mars 18°29' Libra

Fortune 27°58' Pisces

AS 28°52' Capricorn

MC 22°04' Scorpio

As many of you may know (from my Instagram Profile) I am an ESOTERIC Astrologer;

Destiny, fulfillment and your Higher Calling or Path to Consciousness.

It is the EASIEST and most FULFILLING way to Live!

In Esoteric Astrology, we emphasize the Rising Sign with holding the Moon as a detriment to our success.

All said, today's horoscope indicates a "builder" mindset. You will want your money honey, results, outcomes and to be that Goat climbing up the mountain! You may also hear from a Capricorn Sun/Rising. They are out!

It is a day of SUCCESS!

What can hinder you today is forgetting Capricorn's detriment (being over ruled by Saturn/Uranus).

On a Higher Level, Capricorn is still ruled by Saturn, but it is Co-ruled by Venus.

Venus is the planet of love, art, compassion, mercy, consideration and all-around beauties. Capricorn's aren't exactly known to be softies! But today, Capricorns and EVERYONE out there; find your Balance!

The Universe is constantly balancing itself; so should you!

Or else the Universe might balance things for you... YIKES!

There is great Fortune, great Luck around Mysticism, Arts, Creating worlds and wonder today.

It will be important to not just build.. but to build something BEAUTIFUL!

Both internally and outwardly.

Mars in Libra will certainly help with this; allowing us to find balance and a desire for the beautiful side of Life!

Wishing you all a Beautiful, Magical and Glorious Fall Day :)

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