Daily Grace: Virgo New Moon :(

Sun 5°01' Virgo

Moon 9°13' Leo

Mercury 28°36' Leo

Venus 8°58' Virgo

Mars 6°37' Virgo

Jupiter 14°57' Sagittarius

Saturn 14°15' Я Capricorn

Uranus 6°30' Я Taurus

Neptune 17°39' Я Pisces

Pluto 20°56' Я Capricorn

Chiron 4°55' Я Aries

Ceres 5°15' Sagittarius

Pallas 0°49' Scorpio

Juno 2°04' Virgo

Vesta 25°17' Taurus

Node 16°41' Я Cancer

Lilith 14°05' Я Pisces

Fortune 2°16' Libra

AS 28°04' Libra

MC 3°12' Leo

WOW! That's a lot lotta astro LOL!

I posted this to refer to some points, here.

Some people during Virgo season get bogged down by overthinking. This is not uncommon, however, it is an indicator of a deeper condition.

When we look @ the astrology from a AS/MC (Rising or Ascendant) point of view,

we see that this is a very sociable time. The Moon is also in Leo, a VERY showy and sociable sign.

And Mars in Virgo indicates a, "get 'er done" persona.

So why would anyone in this transit isolate or pull back from the world?

What would that instinct tell us?

We have multiple planets in Retrograde, including the North Node, indication the Universe wants us to look at these areas and dig out subconscious imprinting that is bringing about shame, despair, bondage and oppression.

Being isolation, depressed or alone is not an indicator the Virgo New Moon as much on Friday -

as is the New Moon in Virgo on Friday is here to CHANGE THINGS! To begin a new cycle.

Virgos have a Earth/Air balance about them. They are less interested in going deep emotional, but rather,

problem solving. We can not find a solution unless we identify the problem. Like Sigmund Freud once said,

"No tree, is it said, can grow to heaven unless it's roots reach down to hell".

What this means: the Solution lies in the Problem.

The more we understand the problem, the more we understand the solution.

So above, so below.

The Law of Polarization.

So use this awareness to your benefit.

If isolation is appearing- reach out.

Find the "why" and get curious,; stay objective and refuse to shame, belittle or get angry about your struggles.

There are always people ready & willing to help, no matter the adversity!

With Love,


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