Daily Grace: Taurus Moon!

Sun 28°15' Leo

Moon 4°56' Taurus

Mercury 14°59' Leo

Venus 0°16' Virgo

Mars 2°09' Virgo

Jupiter 14°40' Sagittarius

Saturn 14°31' Я Capricorn

Uranus 6°35' Я Taurus

Neptune 17°50' Я Pisces

Pluto 21°03' Я Capricorn

Chiron 5°10' Я Aries

As I sat down to look at the astrology for today, wearing a face mask, I am unsurprised to see the Taurus Moon.

Hail pleasure seekers!!!!!

Taurus is such a wonderful sign that can teach us about pleasure in all it's forms.

And let's remember, pleasure IS self-care.

Sometimes we forget we are here to play, experience and learn from our humanly roles.

We forget that we are really spiritual beings and this is a temporary, rather than permanent, venture.

Where we forget it the most: the mundane!

Literally, there is nothing WORSE than being an autopilot in life. Every day is an opportunity to experience some

type or fun or pleasure, even amidst adversity. But we don't always fully commit to our experiences whether they be

work, eating, fun, etc.

As a Virgo, I hear this message LOUD AND CLEAR.

All the security in the bank... all the hottest men/women... all the attention in the world can NEVER replace

or even compare to the experience of full conscious awareness & experience.

Virgo in Mars/Venus is here to show us what brings us pleasure.

Oh, yes, Virgo also gets a bad rap for being uptight, black&white and perfectionistic.

But Mars in Virgo is a BOSS. It's the woman/man who are into BSM. They have whips, chains and a seductiveness that is honestly Librarian meets Dominatrix. Not that I have Virgo in Mars or anything... hehehehehe......

But truly, this is a FUN TIME.

This is, pleasureful. This is enlightening. This is the moment you realize what pleasure in life is all about.

And it can inspire healthy, more amazing and incredible relationships to food, sex, relationships and work.

This can truly be the BREAK THROUGH you have been praying for!

Take FULL ADVANTAGE of what Taurus wants to teach you:

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