Cutting the Chord FOREVER

Updated: Feb 17

"If it exists, it persists" - Grace

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1. Minimizing

As described in the episode, it is natural to minimize things we don't want.

This should be your FIRST tool when trying to cut chords!!!

2. Prepared Dialogue (Visualization)

If you have the opportunity to face this person, stand up for yourself, or gain closure---

PLEASE utilizing visualization first. Please take the time to imagine things and instead of focusing on the other person and what THEY are saying, focusing on what YOU want to say!

This technique is utilized by athletes that mentally visualize games ahead of time, to break out of the common survival response, "fight or flight". Being prepared will allow you to say exactly what you need to for closure or to move forward.

3. Reframing/ Reprogramming

Most of the episode hits strongly on this. I take you through a meditation on HOW to reframe your experience (with the added bonus of some Rapid Resolution Therapy, aka Core Issue, examination).

Listen to the episode and focus on the beach meditation. There is a tendency to hold back and try to be virtuous or graceful. You do not have to; I promise!!!!!!

The person(s) you confront mentally will NEVER know about this, though, some might energetically pick up on your break through!!! Allow yourself to go WILD. On the other side of wild, in a calm soul that feels justified, validated and supported. You will work through your Shadow Self to reach your Soul. I promise, it will feel SO good.

ANYONE can do this work. And days later, the effects are evident. You may utilize this technique as many times as you need. In cases of abuse, you many want to speak with a professional who will better be able to assist you. But this method has been proven to heal PTSD and stored trauma.

If you'd like to do this work with me LIVE, I have provided a discounted code:


Blessings to you, ALWAYS!