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Psychic Grace's Predictions for COVID:  Thus far, Psychics have done an excellent job predicting the trajectory of  the COVID-19 virus and it's impact on our lives.  Here is my latest psychic assessment:  "The political arena will continue to deteriorate. The old infrastructure crumbling, while revealing the true corruption nationally and internationally. The virus will begin to pull off the mask and politicians who have secrets will be discovered as well as secret intentions for financial gain.  Our mass awareness towards authority in the world will shift. People will not be the same mid-2020 and there will be a shift in perspective. New faces will arrive to be the voice of logic and practical application of health and safety. Famous comedian and celebrity will die, not from the virus. People will be mourning nostalgia and a simpler way of life.  COVID-19 has natural healers; a vaccine established before end of the year. Medicine in America celebrated across the world while the leading industry for medicine will be coming out of India in the future. Major advances in HIV cure within next 2-3 years. America's economy takes plunge during quarantine, rises again. Economists flabbergasted by turn around and ability to reestablish it's footing. At first drags, but regains strength. Criticisms will be large by political forces, but 2020-21 will see a changed economy of stability and long term growth.  The world powers push for self-sufficient national economies. More families branching out from cities into suburbia territories. An era similar to late 60's-70's community idealism. More unity and awareness after quarantine. Questions and solutions around Economy rise. USA passes more bills for economic opportunities for businesses that rises middle class. A hopeful approach to future." Let's all pray these things come to fruition!  It was earlier predicted the number of infected would rise, then come Summer,  drastically decline.  The country that would be most impacted by terminal cases would be China and Italy. Please pray for them! And for a speedy recovery to all those who have been infected. I an assure you the emotion during this time has been one of hope and inspiration.  Stay positive, healthy and happy. Let's all stay connected and supportive of one another! Blessings, Magickal Community Psychic: A Gift of Grace Witch of Hinsdale