Astrology: Rising V. Sun Sign

ASTROLOGY 101: Manifesting

So, how to use Astrology to Manifest? It's a great tool to understand you.

The hardest part of manifesting is not the work; it's figuring out what you truly want, what you are truly being called to do! This can be referred to as our True Self, True Will and True Journey. interesting how TRUTH is really making an impact these days on the physical realm! But it IS the key the Manifest.

Astrology is AMAZING because it is the study of our relationship to the stars as a blueprint to our Earthly experience. When something is funky in the air, it's usually funky in the stars! So it can be a mirror to our own existence.

Sun v. Rising Signs

Today I wanted to hit on the difference between Sun v. Rising Sign, because I see so many people under valuing these signs. They are so integral to our existence and tell us of our needs from our self and others! They can lead us to making informed decisions about love, career and what to manifest.

It really is, "the secret".

Beyond this, it teaches us self-compassion and acceptance. This, we project out into the world, understanding each of our assets and flaws come from the same place. Each sign has an evolution, good/bad, and things to work on. Welcome to being human! It's imperfect, messy but fun!

I did a video on this already, you can check out here:

Key Points:

Sun Sign- monthly, self-needs, private, role as individual and who we are

Rising Sign- minute, outside-needs, social, role in the group

After you watch the video, and Subscribe, here is a list below to help you to understand your Sun v. Rising Sign:

We will go into Moon later!

You can also look further into the strengths & weaknesses of your signs to understand the delicate balance required for both. But the key here is to understand further your intuition.

If you are working at a tech job but your Sun sign is in Leo, what does that mean? It means you have INDIVIDUAL needs in Leo and outside needs in say Capricorn! It means that what you need to give yourself is VERY DIFFERENT than what you do outside in the world. And these two opposing ends come together to make MAGIC HAPPEN!!!!

You were not born by accident; not on that specific month, date, time or to that family. Everything you experienced was the fire molding the sword. You have a destiny, a calling, and our individual job is to embrace it because it IS the True Path to our best lives.

My Rising Sign is in Leo, for instance. I love lavish and grandiosity when I am with friends. But when I am at home, I like to be holistic, healthy and minimalist (Virgo). If we can understand and embrace these two signs, with respect, we can manifest from our Truest Self and Spirit. We can fall deeply in love with the person we are just by embracing our own needs.

Now, there is SO MUCH more that can be said. But think on this for now, and LET ME KNOW if you want more videos like this!!!

Love you all,


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