Updated: May 26

I do not think I have been THIS excited for a Season, before. Sweet, Sweet Aries. Thank you for finally joining us. We were in Aquarius, then Pisces Season, for 756 years. It was A LOT. And we are happy you are here to not only begin a new season, but a NEW YEAR!!!!

In astrology, Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac. It represents breathing life into the world, which happens in Spring, and all the buds and flowers bloom. Life that seemed once bleak and dreary, now comes to life! And fantastic opportunities manifest! Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, is also in the 11th House of Community where Aries resides. This is GREAT. This means we have CHANGE afoot. Perhaps some unexpected movement where things have felt... well... bleak! And this would absolutely be for the positive.

The Moon is still in mystical Sagittarius, soon to be in Capricorn. Grounding is so important right now and soon it will be a natural outcome of this shift, specifically in the area of taxes. That is so weird!!! Reminder: Do Your Taxes, Get Your Returns, Get your Stimulus Check!!! These energies mean we will actually have favor in the areas of economy, which IS unexpected. There is A LOT of fire power here. A LOT of positivity. A lot of "can do" attitude. This will result in a wonderful season of Action, Power and Strength. And Mars in Capricorn also suggests the Universe is working hard to BUILD & REBUILD especially in the areas of government or 8th house. Globally, our governments and places we pay, will be killing it. Businesses will actually be built during this time. New, amazing growth will happen. WOW. What AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!! But with the good also comes Saturn in the same area 8th House. Hey! We all need balance, and having both growth (Jupiter) and structure (Saturn) is ideal for harmony. The only outlier to this cosmic blueprint is wittle old Venus tucked into the 12th House of Masks. Apparently, the Universe says RELATIONSHIPS over HANKY PANKY. So for all my hopeless romantics, this is your set up! Get to know someone with this safety mask on. You have the patience you need. Rushing into a sexual or more intimate relationship is not ideal at this time if you want something more. Take it from the Universe.... Good things are Worth Waiting for~!!! Blessings, My Angels! WELCOME TO ARIES SEASON!!! Grace

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