A Magickal Weekend

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Sun - Gemini

Moon- (near Neptune) Aquarius

Another reason why you may have felt lately "disconnected" is Neptune Retrograde.

Thankfully, Mercury goes Direct this Sunday, so the connection will actually be much stronger

very soon.

But Neptune is an interesting planet. In mythology, Saturn (the guy who ate his kids) was overthrown by his son Zeus or Jupiter who freed his brothers Pluto and Neptune. Interestingly, the two sons rule encapsulated spaces: the underground and the sea.

Neptune rules the Sea. And Neptune's energy calls us to the dreamier side of life. It calls us, also, to sacrifice and to the 12th House in Astrology that rules the unseen realm.

The Moon is passing by Neptune today that connects us with the Unseen realm. In the case of Neptune Retrograde, you won't feel disconnected. You will feel a desire and a calling to "come back home". To fortify a relationship with a Higher Power, Source, God, Universe or the Spirit Realm. Today, you might feel that connection and receive psychic information that was otherwise closed off.

Embrace it. Embrace the calling this weekend and honor your intuition. It's like a little spiritual box of secrets is being opened to you, to connect you with your Highest Plan and Path for an Optimal Future.

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I hope you enjoy it! And have a magickal & marvelous day.



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